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With years of experience in a dynamic, demanding market, we are dedicated to assist our clients by giving them peace of mind that safety is our number one priority.

Eric Mora
KE Heli Services Ltd.

After working for over 20 years in the aviation industry, Eric incorporated KE Heli Services Ltd. to service Western and Central Canada. 

KE Heli Services Ltd. is an independent consulting firm who offers a variety of Aviation based services to small, medium, and large companies, both in the private and commercial sector.  KE Heli Services is prepared to commit to any task, big or small, and provide the results your company needs. 

Eric Mora’s career in aviation began in 1996.  His career quickly took off and he became successful and committed to fulfilling various roles throughout his career including Base Manager, Chief Pilot, Person Responsible for Maintenance, Safety Officer and Operations Manager. 

Some of his specialization in aerial work operations included external load lifting, mapping, mineral surveys, agricultural spraying, executive charter, fire fighting and aerial scanning, and mountain flying with various postings in Northern Western Canada. 

As Eric worked frontline in the management and development of systems and programs to mitigate risk, increase safety, and maintain regulation compliance, he developed a respect for the importance of the safety standards required in the industry and decided to establish an aviation consulting company that will listen to your needs and provide thorough service you will be satisfied with.